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The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin)

USA / Sweden / Japan / UK  - 2020 - 480 minutes (4 parts) The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin) is an extraordinary eight-hour fiction feature shot for a total of...
Directors/Réalisateurs: Anders Edstrom, CW Winter

A geographic description of fourteen months of the work and non-work of Tayoko in the mountains of Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. A georgic in five books.

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Sheytan vojud nadarad / There is No Evil / Le Diable n’existe pas

Germany / Czech Republic / Iran - 2020  - 150' Heshmat, an exemplary husband and father, gets up very early every day. Where does he go? Pouya cannot imagine killing another man, yet he is...
Director/Réalisateur: Mohammad Rasoulof

The four stories that are variations on the crucial themes of moral strength and the death penalty that ask to what extent individual freedom can be expressed under a despotic regime and its seemingly inescapable threats.

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Vitalina Varela

Portugal - 2019 - 124' The most recent film from Portuguese auteur Pedro Costa is another moody, masterful portrait of Fontainhas, the now-vanished Lisbon neighbourhood that the director first began chronicling over two decades ago...
Director/Réalisateur: Pedro Costa

Costa's latest vision of Cape Verdean immigrants — a highlight from this year's Locarno Film Festival — is another lyrical vision of somber people confronting their past. -Eric Kohn / Dans l’obscurité somptueuse d’un quartier traversé d’ombres hiératiques, soudain le rouge de draps sanglants. Arrivée trop tard, Vitalina Varela n’a plus qu’à gérer les affaires de son mari défunt. Elle ne pleurera pour aucun malheureux: face aux hommes rongés ou déchus, elle s’attelle à rebâtir, plan après plan, mur après mur, contre la triste réalité d’une vie n’ayant pu se construire au Portugal sous un toit décent, le souvenir d’une solide maison commune au Cap-Vert. Antoine Thirion

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Canada - 2019 - 84' Donna, a woman in her sixties, feels isolated. She lives alone, estranged from her daughter. Sentenced to community service at a local animal shelter after an impaired-driving conviction, she ends...
Director/Réalisatrice: Heather Young

In her debut, writer/director Heather Young has managed to showcase the humanity of an individual who is currently reeling in her own bout of depression and substance abuse without making the entire affair feel like a grand statement that is aggressively soliciting its audience for sympathy. However, in its own subdued way, it does tug at the old proverbial heartstrings but more so like a dog relentlessly attempting to make a bed in those heartstrings. -Kevin Rakestraw

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Turkey/Canada/France- 2019- 72' A transfixing sophomore feature from 26-year-old Turkish director Burak Çevik, Belonging opens with a story. Not just any story, but a sordid tale of senseless violence: his grandmother’s murder by his Aunt Pelin and...
Director/Réalisateur: Burak Çevik

"Like many a great film, Belonging is simultaneously simple in its complexity and complex in its simplicity, and its particular qualities are ones that offer a great deal to ponder both during and after viewing. Its personal aspects are evident–in the prologue, Çevik says that he hopes this film will allow him to stop stumbling over themes of death and killing in his own work–and yet genuine connection, between the doomed lovers, between the film and the viewer, is the overriding sensation." -Ryan Swen

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Light From Light

USA- 2019- 82' Gifted with sometimes-prophetic dreams and a lifelong interest in the paranormal, Sheila (Marin Ireland) is asked to investigate a potential haunting at a Tennessee farmhouse. It’s there she meets Richard (Jim Gaffigan),...
Director/Réalisateur: Paul Harrill

Ireland and Gaffigan can express so much with a single glance and they’re both exquisite here, radiating intelligence and uncertainty...[W]hile the characters may be chasing apparitions in Light From Light, it restores one’s belief in other people, a somewhat radical and entirely galvanizing notion for the world we live in now. - Stephen Saito, Moveable Fest

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I Was at Home, But / J’etais chez mois, mais

Germany- 2019- 103' After having disappeared for a week, Astrid’s 13-year-old son Phillip returns home one day without saying a word. Both his mother and teachers suspect that his disappearance may be related to the...
Director/Réalisatrice: Angela Schanelec

After a 13-year-old student disappears without a trace for a week and suddenly reappears, his mother and teachers are confronted with existential questions that change their whole view of life

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Long Day’s Journey Into Night / Un grand voyage vers la nuit

China/France- 2019- 138' Bi Gan follows up his knockout debut, Kaili Blues, with this noir-tinged stunner about a lost soul (Jue Huang) on a quest to find a missing woman from his past (Wei Tang, Lust, Caution). Following...
Director/Réalisateur: Bi Gan

A man returns to his hometown after a long absence and searches for a woman he has never been able to forget. / Luo Hongwu revient à Kaili, sa ville natale, après s’être enfui pendant plusieurs années. Il se met à la recherche de la femme qu’il a aimée et jamais effacée de sa mémoire. Elle disait s’appeler Wan Qiwen…

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Colombia/Argentina/Netherlands/Germany/Sweden/Uruguay- 2019- 102' In Alejandro Landes’s intensely thrilling twist on Lord of the Flies, Julianne Nicholson plays a terrorized American engineer held captive by teenage guerilla bandits in an unnamed South American jungle. Leaderless and rootless,...
Director/Réalisateur: Alejandro Landes

 In Alejandro Landes’s intensely thrilling twist on Lord of the Flies, Julianne Nicholson plays a terrorized American engineer held captive by teenage guerilla bandits in an unnamed South American jungle. / Dans ce qui ressemble à un camp de vacances isolé au sommet des montagnes colombiennes, des adolescents, tous armés, sont en réalité chargés de veiller à ce que Doctora, une otage américaine, reste en vie.

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Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, France, Switzerland – 2018 – 109′ In the mid-seventies, a strange man arrives in a quiet provincial city. In a restaurant, without any apparent reason, he starts insulting Claudio, a renowned lawyer. The...
Director/Réalisateur: Benjamín Naishtat

In the mid-seventies, a strange man arrives in a quiet provincial city./ Argentine, 1975. Claudio, avocat réputé et notable local, mène une existence confortable, acceptant de fermer les yeux sur les pratiques du régime en place.

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Cuba/Spain/UK/Germany  - 2019 - 104' The film follows Carlos Acosta - nicknamed Yuli by his father - from growing up on the streets of his native Cuba, through his time at the country’s National Dance...
Director/Réalisatrice: Icíar Bollaín

The film follows Carlos Acosta - nicknamed Yuli by his father - from growing up on the streets of his native Cuba, through his time at the country’s National Dance School, to performing at London’s prestigious Royal Ballet. / L’incroyable destin de Carlos Acosta, danseur étoile, des rues de Cuba au Royal Ballet de Londres.

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La Flor

Argentina- 2018 - 868' (3 parts) A decade in the making, Mariano Llinás’s La Flor is an unrepeatable labor of love and madness that redefines the concept of binge viewing. The director himself shows up at the...
Director/Réalisateur: Mariano Llinás

A decade in the making, Mariano Llinás’s La Flor is an unrepeatable labor of love and madness that redefines the concept of binge viewing. « La Flor » cambriole le cinéma en six épisodes. Chaque épisode correspond à un genre cinématographique.

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Icran/Canada - 2017 - 103' Ava’s first visit to the gynaecologist with her mother is a traumatic experience for the 16-year-old young woman. Trauma gives way to anger when Ava discovers her mother’s dishonesty and...
Director/Réalisatrice: Sadaf Foroghi

Seventeen-year-old Iranian Ava challenges the strict rules of her traditional upbringing and learns that her mother broke the rules as a young woman as well. Ava raconte l'histoire d'une adolescente Iranienne qui conteste les règles rigoureuses de son éducation traditionnelle et apprend que sa mère a également violé les règles à sa jeunesse.

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Brazil - 2017 - 96' Araby begins by observing the day-to-day of Andre, a teenager who lives in an industrial area in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. After a local factory worker, Cristiano, has an...
Directors: Affonso Uchoa & João Dumans

Andre is a young boy that lives in an industrial neighborhood in Ouro Preto, Brazil, near an old aluminium factory. On day he finds a notebook from one of the factory workers. /André, jeune garçon vit avec son frère cadet dans un quartier industriel de Ouro Preto, à Minas Gerais. Une fois par semaine, leur tante Márcia, une infirmière bénévole, leur rend visite pour les aider avec les tâches ménagères. Un jour, un ouvrier est victime d’un accident à l’usine. C’est Cristiano, un étranger du quartier au passé houleux.

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The Dreamed Ones / Die Geträumten / Rêveurs Rêves

Austria - 2017 - 89 mins. At center stage are the two poets Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan, who came to know each other in post-war Vienna. Their dramatic postal exchange creates the textual basis...
Director/Réalisatrice: Ruth Beckermann

An elegant, compact docu-drama that breathes fresh romance into the love letters of two postwar European poets Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan./Ingeborg Bachmann et Paul Celan ont 22 et 27 ans lorsqu’ils se rencontrent à Vienne, en 1948 ; poètes tous les deux, ils n’ont ni les mêmes origines (Celan, juif de Czernowitz, a perdu ses parents dans un camp allemand en Ukraine), ni la même renommée.

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Lover For a Day / L’amant d’un jour

France  - 2017 - 76 mins. Lover for a Day is an exquisite meditation on love and fidelity that recalls Garrel’s previous films selections Jealousy  and In the Shadow of Women. After a painful breakup,...
Director/Réalisateur: Philippe Garrel

This is the story of a father, his 23-year-old daughter, who goes back home one day because she has just been dumped, and his new girlfriend, who is also 23 and lives with him. / Un professeur de philosophie quarantenaire vit avec sa nouvelle compagne de 23 ans. Un jour, il recueille chez lui sa fille que son amant a quitté.

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Tesnota (Closeness)/Tesnota – Une vie à l’étroit

Russia - 2017 - 118 mins. 1998, Nalchik, North Caucasus, Russia. 24-year-old Ilana works in her father’s garage to help him make ends meet. One evening, her extended family and friends gather to celebrate the...
Director/Réalisateur: Kantemir Balagov

Ilana, 24, works in her father’s garage to help make ends meet. One evening, family and friends gather to celebrate the betrothal of his younger brother David. In the night, David and his fiancée are kidnapped and a ransom is demanded./Le drame intime et familial prend le dessus sur une vision plus ample, éteignant une puissance d’abstraction cantonnée à cette idée d’enfermement. Mais parce qu’elle se laisse malgré tout pressentir, le film reste prometteur.

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France / Senegal / Belgium / Germany / Lebanon - 2017 - 123 mins. Félicité is a proud, free-willed woman working as a singer in a bar in Kinshasa. Her life is thrown into turmoil when...
Director/Réalisateur: Alain Gomis

Film-maker Alain Gomis’s award-winning feature Félicité is a portrait of Kinshasa’s vibrant music scene told through Félicité, a single mother struggling to make it as a bar singer. It presumably helps that her backing band is played by the Kasai Allstars, the city’s most famous and inventive outfit, and that her vocal parts come from the group’s lead singer, Muambuyi. The soundtrack is a showcase for the Allstars’ dazzling mix of tradition and fuzzbox “Congotronics”. / Une chanteuse de Kinshasa entreprend d’amasser la somme nécessaire à l’opération que doit subir son fils unique, victime d’un accident de la route. Mais les faveurs que cette mère célibataire sollicite sur son parcours ne sont pas toujours bien accueillies.

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People That Are Not Me

Israel · 2016 · 80' Joy is a young woman living in Tel Aviv who has a love-hate relationship with its casual sex scene. Her entire world comes down to her apartment and the street...
Director: Hadas Ben Aroya

Dubbed as the “Israeli ‘Frances Ha,’” “People That Are Not Me” tells the story of a young woman, Joy, who decides to explore the dating scene of Tel Aviv after breaking up with her boyfriend. It marks the feature debut of ben Aroya, who also wrote the screenplay and stars in the lead role

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Mañana a esta hora / This Time Tomorrow

Colombia, Canada / 2016 / 85 mins. Bogotá, Colombia. 17-year-old Adelaida lives with her parents Lena, an event planner, and Francisco, a sculptor and art teacher. Together, they enjoy a comfortable family life with the...
Director: Lina Rodríguez

18 August 2017 TIFF Bell LigthboxBright and beautiful, 17-year-old Adelaida (Laura Osma) lives with her parents Lena (Maruia Shelton), an event planner, and Francisco (Francisco Zaldua), a sculptor and art teacher.Together,the trio enjoy a comfortable family life in an apartment in Bogotá, populated by the usual ups and downs. It’s just life as usual.

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The Ornithologist

Portugal, France, Brazil / 2016 / 118 mins. In his most audacious film since his groundbreaking debut O Fantasma, João Pedro Rodrigues reimagines the myth of Saint Anthony of Padua as a modern-day parable of...
Director: João Pedro Rodrigues

23 March 2017 -Calgary Cinematheque 14 July 2017 -The Cinematheque in Vancouver 05 August 2017 -Globe Cinema 25 August 2017 -Cinémathèque québécoise Fernando, a solitary ornithologist, is looking for black storks when he is swept away by the rapids. Rescued by a couple of Chinese pilgrims, he plunges into an eerie and dark forest, trying to get back on his track.

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Turkey, France, Romania /  2016 / 105 mins. Turkish couple Bahar and Selma are eager to adopt a baby, but they want to keep it a secret in order to give the world the impression...
Director: Mehmet Can Mertoglu

COMING SOON A middle-class Turkish couple is far from willing to admit they used adoption as a last resort to build a family, and will do anything to keep it a secret.

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By the Time It Gets Dark / Dao Khanong

France/Netherlands/Qatar/Thailand / 2016 / 105 mins. Guided by Suwichakornpong's associative rigour and her gift for crafting images of unusual beauty, By the Time it Gets Dark treats every moment as special. When the older woman...
Director: Anocha Suwichakornpong

COMING SOON It’s also a movie that boasts a dream sequence (or is it?) involving time lapsed mushroom growth cycles and a scene from George Méliès’ “A Trip to the Moon.” (Playlist)

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World to Come

Canada / 2016 / 102 mins. A strange and unsettling premonition prompts the sudden return of Doveed back to his hometown where he confronts the neglect of its past and his own spiritual crisis. In...
Director: Trevor Mowchun&Daniel Eskin

COMING SOON An unsettling premonition prompts the sudden return of an orthodox man named Doveed back to his hometown where he confronts the neglect of its troubled past and his own spiritual crisis.

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Kaili Blues

China / 2016 / 113 mins In a small clinic in the rain-drenched city of Kaili, two preoccupied doctors live ghost-like lives. One of them, Chen, decides to fulfill his dead mother’s wish and sets...
Director: Bi Gan

NOW PLAYING Kaili Blues, an eccentric, remarkably assured first feature by the young Chinese director Bi Gan, is both the most elusive and the most memorable new movie that I’ve seen in quite some time—“elusive” and “memorable” being central to Bi’s ambitions.

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The Academy of Muses

SEPTEMPER 9- VANCITY THEATRE, VANCOUVER Spain / 2016 / 92 minutes A university professor teaches a class on muses in art and literature as a means of romancing his female students in this breathtaking new...
Director: Jose Luis Guerin

NOW PLAYING A university professor teaches a class on muses in art and literature as a means of romancing his female students in this breathtaking new film.