Acephale Acephale

Taming the Horse / Xun Ma / Comme un cheval fou

China/Canada – 2017 – 124′

This is the story of the friendship between director Tao Gu and his childhood friend, Dong. Ten years ago, Tao promised Dong he would return with him to the Inner Mongolian village where he grew up. After moving to a large city in southern China in the wake of economic reforms, Dong lost his bearings. And then Tao found him a decade later, camera in hand, ready to document their trip. Deeply alienated by hyper-capitalist society, the young man vents his rage to his filmmaker friend. Far from judging alienated Chinese youth, the director tries to understand a world from which he himself is alienated. An uncompromising portrait of a tortured soul whose ideals have been stolen.



  • Director   

Tao Gu

  • Festivals

Vision du reel, Dok Leipzig, RIDM

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