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Mañana a esta hora / This Time Tomorrow

Colombia, Canada / 2016 / 85 mins.

Bogotá, Colombia. 17-year-old Adelaida lives with her parents Lena, an event planner, and Francisco, a sculptor and art teacher. Together, they enjoy a comfortable family life with the usual ups and downs. But cracks are beginning to show. As Francisco isn’t that involved in the domestic details, most of the housekeeping and parental duties fall onto the already overworked Lena. Although she is strong and driven, she struggles to fulfill the role of the working mother. At the peak of her teen angst and facing her own identity crisis, Adelaida is constantly at odds with Lena: one minute she is sweet, caring, studious, and the next one she is wild, tempestuous and defiant, staying out late to spend time with friends and flirting with boys. Until a tragedy occurs and the family has to confront their biggest struggle yet and the uncertainty that tomorrow brings.

  • Director   

Lina Rodríguez

  • Cast

Laura Osma , Maruia Shelton , Francisco Zaldua , Clara Monroy , Catalina Cabra

  • Festivals


Mar del Plata Film Festival

São Paulo International Film Festival

Bogota International Film Festival

Göteborg International Film Festival

Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (Havanna)

Neighboring Scenes (Film Society of Lincoln Center)

  • Quotes

“(The) fragile changeability of family life is beautifully and painfully captured.”

“Marvelously perceptive.”

Variety (Guy Lodge)

“My feature films do not conform to certain colonialist expectations, i.e. that Colombia should be exotic, poor or underdeveloped.”

 “Is Trauma Lived in Solitude?” The Filmmakers of Neighboring Scenes at the FSLC, Brooklyn Magazine – (Interview with Ela Bittencourt)

 “Rodríguez achieves an intimate great film (with a perfect and liberating closing shot) that positions her as one of the directors to follow in Latin America”

 Mañana a esta hora review (in Spanish), (Diego Batlle)

 “In her documentary-like approach, like Mekas, Rodriguez elevates the unremarkable, so that, in the end, her film becomes a delicate memento mori.”

 Mañana a esta hora capsule review, (Ela Bittencourt)

“The Colombian filmmaker based in Canada demonstrates with her second film, that she has one of the most personal and distinguishable cinematic perspectives, not only in Colombia but in Latin America.”

 Mañana a esta hora capsule review, (in Spanish) (Diego Lerer)

 “Lina Rodriguez’s sophomore feature This Time Tomorrow is a film of quiet beauty.”

 Everything passes: An interview with Lina Rodriguez, (Adam Cook)

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