Acephale Acephale

World to Come

Canada / 2016 / 102 mins.

A strange and unsettling premonition prompts the sudden return of Doveed back to his hometown where he confronts the neglect of its past and his own spiritual crisis. In the wake of a childhood friend’s suicide, he re-enters a religious community locked in a lingering standstill, ruined by the brutality of repression, and lost in the shadows of collective guilt. Meanwhile it is autumn, and the trees are shedding their leaves. The final verdict, which holds the fate of this community, acting as the door to the world to come, shall be delivered by the great forces of nature.

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  • Directors

Trevor Mowchun&Daniel Eskin

  • Cast

Daniel Silver
Tom Keenan
Eve Majzels


  • Gimli Film Festival (2016) – Official Selection (Manitoba feature film program)
  • ReelHeART International Film & Screenplay Festival (2015) – Nominated for “Best Canadian Film” – Silver medal for “Best Feature Film”


A Cinematic World To Come (Film International)

Deadly Silence (Winnipeg Free Press)


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